Superadobe House in cooperation with intsekelelo

Since 2015 we have been working together with Chris, Nick and Kwanda Grava of intsikelelo on a new building project. Intsikelelo have helped both fund and manage the project. For more information on intsikelelo and their work please use the following link:

This building project will provide a safe haven for children within Langbos and has already been an attraction for visitors as it was recently featured in the Earthworks magazine. The suberadobe is a special contruction method which was built with the help from workers from the Langbos community.

A special thanks goes to Chris Grava (project manager), Quintin Christian, Rob Hayter and staff, the Langbos workers, Jason Erlank and Ashleigh Basson (architects) and Rigo Govoni (structural engineer). And a big thank you to all the donors who contributed to this amazing project!