Langbos Community Centre

We have a Care Centre next to the Crèche /Playschool, called Intsikilelo (meaning blessing).

The Crèche/Playschool and the Care Centre has turned into a thriving community centre and changed the lives of all. Langbos people live in dire poverty, in shacks, without water or electricity. Many of the population in this community are HIV positive, so there are many dysfunctional families and so much suffering. Alcoholism and child abuse are widespread problems. The Mobile Clinic operates from the Care Centre twice a month. There are also soup kitchens every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for all the hungry, in the community. The Care Centre is used for functions, funerals etc by the Langbos Community.

The Care Centre serves as a multi functional venue from birth to death. Every month an AIDS support group gets together at the Centre. Holiday programmes and Community meetings are also held at the Centre. Dancing and singing performances occur on special occasions. The Centre is also always open to the children’s parents, who often play cards, sew and do puzzles and craft work. During weekends, the Centre is occasionally booked for funerals and other events.