About Langbos Creche

Addo Community Project

Langbos people live in dire poverty, in shacks without lights and water. Many are HIV positive, and alcoholism and child abuse are wide spread problems. As a citrus growing area, Addo has only seasonal work and 70% of the community is unemployed between December and March. All these factors contribute to the high incidence of dysfunctional families and rampant suffering. In 1994 after seeing children scavenging alongside pigs and dogs on an illegal rubbish dump and in light of Muffy Miller’s growing concerns about the educational needs, health issues and crime she decided to act.

With the help of the Sundays River Woman’s Institute, churches and international guests a humble little playschool called Inkwenkwezi (which means star in Xhosa) was built. Nearly 50 children attend the crèche per day, and they are thriving and so much healthier now that they have something to eat. A beautiful Care Centre, named Intsikelelo (meaning blessing in Xhosa) was built next to the crèche by Brother Christopher and three Sisters of Mercy. It is open to the whole Langbos community every day. Two Soup kitchens are available every week for the whole community. Crafts are taught on a regular basis.


  • Maintaining and sustaining the crèche.
  • Aiming for 100% attendance from children.
  • So many dysfunctional families due to alcohol abuse and sickness.
  • Orphaned or abused children have started to live at the crèche.


  • Plus/minus 50 children attend daily and are fed at the crèche. It has grown into a thriving Community Centre with help from four amazing individuals.
  • This has resulted in a noticeable bonding of the community. They love and respect this sacred place and with this has come ownership.
  • Twice a week soup is available for all. The Centre is used for sewing, cooking, church meetings, funerals.
  • Addo Clinic serves the community from the Centre once a month.
  • It is kept open during the holidays. There is an annual summer school for 90 children in December offering different experiences, sport, computer, arts and crafts, music and dance.

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